To me, a writer’s words are his or her voice. There is no greater gift from the Lord than being able to have one’s voice heard and received with power and impact on people’s lives that can lead to transformation of their mind, body, soul, and ultimately their lives. If anyone listens to my voice and it has the power to impact and the ability to transform, it’s not of me it is of the Lord. I will continue to have a voice, and I pray someone will listen.

Join me for one of my upcoming live training classes in the Toronto Greater GTA area or live online one to one instructions where I’ll lead you through the entire course all the way through certification. Contact me for details - limited space available.

Let’s change the world, one client at a time!

W. Granville Brown graduated from Hamilton with a degree in Business Administration. After serving proudly in the United States Army, he embarked on a career in the insurance industry that spanned two decades. He diligently worked to build Fita Insurance Group into a well-respected insurance agency serving the community until he sold the business to pursue other endeavors; that allowed further use of his acquired expertise in sales and marketing.

After many years of writing manuscripts, he overcame his fears and submitted one to an editor who encouraged him to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a writer.

He is actively involved in mentoring programs for single-parent youths and hopes to foster an interest in youths to use writing skills as an outward expression of themselves rather than destructive measures.

Currently in addition to his civic endeavors and his writing career, he is a Professional Certified Life Coach assisting people in improving their lives through inward reflection based on their mindsets, belief systems and behavioral patterns that may hinder advancement. His popularity as a much sought after public speaker is steadily growing.

W. Granville is happily married and the proud father to three adult children.