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The Darlene_Hunter Show

On September 28, 2013 W. Granville was a guest speaker on the
The Darlene Hunter Show. Skip to minute 5:18 for the interview (the intro is very long)
(be aware the sound is turned up all the way by default on their player)


Amerika Now Radio Show with Barb Adams

On November 17, 2012 W. Granville was interviewed on the Amerika Now Radio Show with Barb Adams. Listen to the full interview below:

Busted Halo Show

On August 1, 2012 W. Granville was interviewed on the Busted Halo show with Father Dave Dwyer for the 30 Day Challenge. Listen to the full interview below:


In June 2012 W. Granville started writing articles for the

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The following is a sample of one of his articles...


Resolutions, July 16, 2012


With a collective “Amen” how many of us made a resolution at the beginning of the year that we have yet to accomplish? Well don’t get discouraged; ever since the Gregorian calendar was created folks get so excited about the possibilities associated with a fresh start. Then something happens. Life tends to get in the way of living. All of a sudden those resolutions don’t seem as important and the possibilities have morphed into improbabilities.

Now another year fast approaches as the new one has become old. Still waters may run deep but uncertainty merely floats on the surface. Days continue to shoot by as if shot from a cannon and all in all they blend together and share one commonality - they all end in ‘y’. This raises a question some may have, “Why am I in the same place, doing the same thing and wishing for change and it all stays the same?”

Full article can be viewed here.

Saturday, August 27, 2011 from 4:00PM


Join us August 27th (4PM) at Infusion Coffe and Tea, 7133 Germantown Ave, Mt. Airy PA 19119 as
W. Granville and other featured authors from Wrags Ink embark on the first leg of the East Coast Cafe Tour!
Meet new authors and read some great books!

Saturday, September 24, 2011 from 3:00PM - 5:30PM

Big Blue Marble Bookstore Big Blue Marble Bookstore Big Blue Marble Bookstore

Join W. Granville Brown at the Big Blue Marble's cafe - Local Author Day!
Enjoy an afternoon of wonderful local authors! With light refreshments.

bloggernews interview

Book Review: 5 Simple Steps To Choosing Your Path by W. Granville Brown
Posted on June 20th, 2011
by Simon Barrett in Book Reviews, Interview, Reviews

I first encountered Granville back in 2009 when he released his very thought provoking novel Choices. It was a unique piece of writing and very thought provoking. While a work of fiction it very much was also reflective of the authors chosen profession, that of Life Coach.

A couple of weeks ago he contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading his new book 5 Steps To Choosing Your Path. A couple of days after the book arrived he called me to make sure that I had received it safe and sound. I don’t usually make a practice of writing a book review and including the back story of the mechanics of the book reviewing business, but this is a situation where it does have a very direct bearing.

I have a very unscientific theory, if you were to create a pile of all of the self help books in existence the pile would reach the Moon! My other gripe about the vast majority of them is the incredible sameness, it is almost as if ‘there is an app for that’. Plug in some cutesy acronyms, and voila, out comes 400 pages of book! Yes I am a cynic!

This telephone conversation was not recorded, but as best as I can recall, Granville made the following comment:

You are right, authors rehash the same old stuff, the first chapter or so is new and fresh, then it is back to business as usual.

Read the full book review here.

Simon Barrett

fowler wainwright

Making Wiser Choices
By: W. Granville Brown, CPC
- January 2011

No matter how much you succeed in life or who you are, you can still fall prey to temptation, lust, and greed, and have your faith and beliefs shaken — if not completely stirred. But before the final chapter is written, keep in mind that you possess free will and make your own choices. In facing the reflected truth as you gaze in the mirror of self-revelation, you must admit that no one can make you do anything you don’t really wish to do, especially if you have the faith in yourself to persevere, in even the most arduous endeavors you face.

In today’s society, just about anyone can become famous or infamous within the flash of a camera. Then quickly they become our idols and celebrities that embody the perfect lives that you and I can only dream about. Strangely, when one of the elite makes a mistake, a sadistic glee rears up once the disappointment of feeling betrayed passes. Often we suppose that somehow the fall of the mighty in some way lifts us up. Truth be told, it absolutely doesn’t. It simply illustrates that the elevation of our souls is within each of us, and it begins with our decision-making process.

Your choices are inextricably packaged with your beliefs, paradigms, behaviors, and the ability to deal with the consequences of your actions. You have the innate ability to make your own decisions. But with choice, there is a measure of both accountability and responsibility. Too often when we receive an unfavorable result (failure), we tend to mask the result in excuses, rationalizations, or explanations to cast them as the reason for the result. In some cases, such as those reported far too often, a sense of entitlement comes into play. Some people — rightly or wrongly — may feel that, based on their accomplishments, they are entitled to make unwise choices. Ironically, the mediums that elevate performers to celebrity status normally depict a storyline where adversity reveals the building of character. In actuality, adversity doesn’t build character — it reveals it. Life truly imitates art in that respect. Your character isn’t determined by how you conduct yourself when the choices are easy and comfortable, but rather by how you conduct yourself when your life is tough.

While the media may showcase the flawed choices of Tiger Woods and others, instead of passing judgment and ganging up on those that fall due to unwise choices, learn a lesson and apply it to your life. In making those applications, ask yourself, “How do I make choices in my life?”

Five simple steps may assist you in making wiser choices:

1 . Think it out. Ask the right questions. Is this the right thing to do? How will this affect me and/or my family? Why am I doing this?
2 . Deal with the consequences; take ownership.
3 . Accept responsibility for your actions.
4 . Be accountable for your actions.
5 . Be honest with yourself. The more you practice these five steps, the better you become in making rational, intelligent choices that lead you forward — not standing in place, going backwards, or living a life full of regret.

Full article can be viewed here.

bloggernews interview

An Interview With Author W. Granville Brown About Choices Posted on July 10th, 2010
by Simon Barrett in Book Reviews, Interview, Reviews

I recently had the opportunity to read Granville Brown’s debut novel Choices. I was impressed with Choices on a number of levels. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to reviewing books I am no curmudgeon looking for every flaw, but I likely do look at aspects that the average reader might not. In some ways a book reviewer worth his or her salt is a literary CSI. I wonder when I’ll get the TV contract for that show?

I had the opportunity to sit down with Granville Brown yesterday and talk not only about Choices, but a whole range of subjects.

My wife knows me oh so well, my normal length of a radio interview is 30 minutes and by some force that I have yet to understand always seems to be the perfect fit for the questions I have. Yesterdays interview went almost 50 minutes. Jan walked in just as I was signing off the air. Her only comment was “You obviously liked that book”. She is a perceptive lady!

Granville Brown is an engaging and interesting man to talk with. He has had a varied career, and that is probably one of the reasons. Having been through the Insurance industry, and Sales and Marketing, he now focuses on being a Life Coach.

You can find out more about Granville Brown from his web site and you can catch the entire audio interview here. Read the full book review here.

Simon Barrett

reuters interview

How to Cope With the Media's Parade of Dysfunctional People

Fri May 28, 2010 3:14pm EDT


Reading the newspapers today is like watching an endless parade of bad choices.

Pro athletes taking steroids, Wall Street executives lying to investors, drivers insisting on driving drunk, celebrities visiting rehab like it has a revolving door -- and life coach W. Granville Brown wants people to try to learn from it as best they can.

"There was never a doubt that we live in a media-driven culture," said Brown, a certified life coach and author of Choices, ( "But what we see in the media plays out as if it's an endorsement of the behavior. It seems that we're more interested in the people who screw up their lives than we are with people who are happy and successful. It's as if making good choices is less interesting, and so we wind up with a steady barrage of dysfunctional people. It can create a skewed sense of reality for people, and I think if we are going to continue to maintain a prurient interest in these stories, we should try to do so as people who want to use them as lessons on what happens when we make poor choices."

Brown believes that hidden in those stories are nuggets of personal truth awaiting us all. Temptation -- a big factor in what we see in the media today -- can be valuable because of the potential lessons in how to avoid it.

"All of us, no matter how much we succeed in life or who we are, can still fall prey to temptation, lust, greed and having our faith and beliefs shaken -- if not tumbled," he said. "But in the end, we are people of free will, not puppets, and no one can make us do anything we don't wish to do, as long as we have the faith in ourselves to persevere. The only thing that can elevate our souls is within each of us, and it begins with our choices."

About W. Granville Brown
W. Granville Brown graduated from Hamilton University with a degree in Business Administration. Brown believes a writer's words are his or her voice. He also mentors youth, teaching them that writing is a more powerful outlet for their emotions than other destructive means of expressing themselves.

Rachel Friedman

Copyright 2010, Market Wire, All rights reserved.

TORONTO, ONTARIO March 30, 2010 12:01am

The well publicized woes of Tiger Woods can be lessons for business leaders, says Granville Brown, a long-time life coach and author of the new book, Choices. “We build people up so much that when they take a fall, it’s almost like we take a sadistic glee in their fall,” says Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown believes that hidden in the forest of tabloid interest in Mr. Woods’ issues is a nugget of personal truth awaiting us all. Temptation -- a big factor in the golfer’s string of personal choices -- can be valuable, according to Mr. Brown, because of the potential lessons in how to avoid it.

(Granville Brown talks about the lessons to be found in Mr. Woods’ troubles and his book in today’s CVBT Audio Interview. Please left-click on the link below to listen now or right-click to download the MP3 audio file for later listening.)

“When we’re dealing with choices, we really have to be on point to take ownership for the choices that we make, understanding that with choice there is accountability and responsibility,” Mr. Brown says.

“We have to face the truth that we all live imperfect lives, and that our celebrity-driven culture has the notion that our idols, our celebrities, are supposed to embody the perfect lives we cannot ourselves achieve. This is why we are disappointed so often,” he says. “The only thing that can elevate our souls is within each of us, and it begins with our choices.

Podcast Click here to listen or download (W.Granville Brown.mp3, 15.63 MB)

Full article can be viewed here

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Give Tiger a Break

The public needs to step back, and give Tiger Woods a chance to heal his family life, so says W Granville Brown, Certified Life Coach and author of the book "Choices."

Brown told KLKS News, he was surprised about Woods fall from grace, because of the wholesome image he has enjoyed, even when living the single life. Brown says we ought not be so quick to judge. Few have been in the position of rejecting the temptations of super models.

Brown says the mark of an individual's character is not determined when things are easy, but rather when things get difficult.

posted by KLKS News

pageone interview

Interview with W.Granville Brown Where did you grow up and was reading and writing a part of your life?
Who were your earliest influences and why?

W. Granville Brown: I’ve been on my own since the age of sixteen. I would have to say I grew up in the Army and living in Europe and other multiple cities. I actually started reading in the second grade and the first book I read was “The Catcher in the Rye.” It freaked my teacher out big-time. I thought it was a baseball book. For as long as I can remember I’ve written my thoughts down on everything from a scrap of paper to anything handy. Reading and writing was and is my greatest exit. As far as earliest influences I must say it was probably John Steinbeck and one of the greatest novels ever written, “Of Mice and Men.” That book blew me away when I read it. When I read I like to play a movie in my mind. And Jackie Collins, I love her writing style. It’s so simple, direct, and to the point. Although her books follow similar themes they are always entertaining. Out of all writers, I would say that’s how I write. I keep it simple. Briefly tell us a little about your book, Choices. Who are Trey and Andrea Edwards? Are these characters based on anyone real? Based on any actual events?

W. Granville Brown: Choices is an age-old story of love, lust and infidelity. It’s also a play on the Book of Job in the Bible where God allowed Satan to impose himself into a believers life to test his faith. In the book characters deal with their own human weaknesses and against the stronger forces that tempt them. In one word I would describe the book as temptation. The characters of Trey and Andrea Edwards were merely people in my imagination. I get this question a lot. They are not real nor are the events as it was written, however a writer must or should write about what he or she knows. So I wrote about what I know and have either seen or experienced in my own life. Why did you write Choices? What message do you want readers to take from your book?

W. Granville Brown: Wow, believe it or not that first one is difficult to answer. My primary motivation for writing a book period was to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming an author. Not to mention overcoming fear. This is the one thing that I’ve wanted, no longed to do since I could remember. I’ve been blessed in my life to have accomplished many goals that I’ve set for myself and the one that had eluded me for years was writing and publishing a book. Fear of rejection, not being good enough, and not being taken seriously held me back. Then an event happened in my life that removed that fear and I realized (although I always knew it) that there truly is nothing to fear but fear itself. So I sat down, finished a manuscript and here we are. I guess the message contained in the book is a simple no one man or woman is above temptation and that at any time there can come a moment in one’s life where their faith, trust and belief can be put to the test.

Read the rest of the interview over at

Big Blue Marble Cafe - Local Authors Day
24 September 2011

Book signing Philadelphia, USA
20 May 2011

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Book signing Philadelphia, USA
30 December 2009

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Book signing at Coles Bookstore, Mississauga, Ontario.
12 September 2009

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